Negotiating Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean

Negotiating Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean: The Archaic and Classical Greek Multiethnic Emporia, Denise Demetriou, Cambridge University Press, 2012


The Mediterranean basin was a multicultural region with a great diversity of linguistic, religious, social, and ethnic groups. This dynamic social and cultural landscape encouraged extensive contact and exchange among different communities. This book  seeks to explain what happened when different ethnic, social, linguistic, and religious groups, among others, came into contact with each other, especially in multiethnic commercial settlements located throughout the region. What means did they employ to mediate their interactions? How did each group construct distinct identites while interacting with others? What new identities came into existence because of these contacts?

Professor Demetriou brings together several strands of scholarship that have emerged recently, especially in ethnic, religious, and Mediterranean studies. She reveals new aspects of identity construction in the region, examining the Mediterranean as a whole, and focusses not only on ethnic identity but also on other types of collective identities, such as civic, linguistic, religious, and social.



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